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Proxy Card

Your active proxies display in the form of a card. We call this "Proxy Card". If you have more than one proxy, more proxy cards will appear.

This is your "Proxy Name". It helps identify your proxy for support or via API.


These are called "Proxy Indicators". They give you a quick overview of your proxy feature statuses and activity.

Card Action Buttons

Click the left button (the counter-clockwise spinning arrow) to Change your mobile IP from the Proxy Card. You should see the Proxy Card progress timer dropping. This shows for 60 seconds and then will bring back the "Change IP" button.

Indicators update every 10 seconds. The IP CHANGED indicator will display Orange when it has recently been changed. It will turn green when it is okay to initiate a new IP change.

Proxy Modal

Click the external arrow icon to open the Proxy Details Modal. This window shows more settings and actions for your proxy.

Standard Settings

Auto-Change lets you specify a value for your proxy to automatically change mobile IPs at set intervals. The available options are from 1 minute to 1440 minutes.

IPv4 is enabled on your proxy by default, as well as IPv6. Some sites support both protocols, while other only support IPv4. If the site/app you're running ops on works when IPv4 is disabled, it can massively increase your IP pool.

superPort allows you to connect to your proxy through Global Username & Password credentials. When "Enabled", all request will forward through the proxy you've enabled it on. This is helpful if you want to switch between proxies without changing credentials in your software. Read more here

Auth Method lets you define how you want to connect to your proxy. The available options are "User:Pass" and "Whitelist IP".

Advanced Settings

Click "Advanced Settings" to open more configuration options and access connection details.

This area displays your "Proxy Credentials". You can change your proxy username and password here. If you have Whitelist IP selected as your Auth Method, this will display Whitelist IP fields.

Here are the Server IP and Ports to connect to your proxy.

This field allows you to specify a webhook you'd like to fire POST triggers to when your proxy successfully changes mobile IPs or reboots.

Quick Actions Menu

For quick actions like changing the device IP, copying a link that can change the device IP, or rebooting the device, you can use the Quick Actions Menu.

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